Ultrasonic Cutter UC-50

This is an optional equipment for Vega2000W and Vega3000.

Product features

Connect ultrasonic cutter with care label printer

It needs to connect both ultrasonic generator and cutter assembly with the care label printer to use Ultrasonic Cutter UC-50


Fabric Label Samples


Product features

Model UC-50
Cut Speed 70 to 120 mm/second
Cuttable Label Width Maximum 42mm
Stacker Mechanism Auto-descending Type (Maximum Height: 150mm)
Power Consumption AC100V 50/60Hz (It needs a power transformer to convert voltage overseas.)

We have original labeling software and printer drivers for Windows 2000(32bit)/XP(32bit)/7(32bit). We supply consumables like ink ribbons and care label tapes.We can offer not only black ink ribbon but red, blue, silver and gold ink ribbons as well.
If you are interested in them, please contact us at
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