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Design and maintain customer-specific or regulatory-compliant label templates in no time – with our Label Designer. It delivers a familiar, Microsoft Word-like user experience, meaning users can quickly design professional labels without barcoding knowledge, design layout expertise or advanced computer skills. Use one of the pre-designed label templates or create one from scratch in minutes, even if you have never designed a label before.






Label Cloud

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The simplest way to design and print labels


NiceLabel’s Label Cloud is the simplest, yet most comprehensive, cloud labeling solution on the market. It helps businesses of all sizes manage labeling, from label design to print and every step in between.


Main benefits of Label Cloud

  • Be up and running in minutes with minimal IT resources
  • Simply design labels from any computer in any location
  • Securely store and manage labels and data in the cloud
  • Integrate labeling with your product data
  • Easily scale printing across your business
  • Pay on subscription and lower your TCO


From label template to print – everything you need to manage your labeling



Product requiremens
OS Windows10 (64bit)
CPU intel or compatible x86 Family Processor
Memory 64bit OS :  4.0GB or more    32bit OS: 2.0GB or more
HDD Available disk space > 1GB
Display Resolution : 1366 x 768 or more