Reasons for selecting Chuwa

The strengths of Chuwa Co., Ltd. are that we continually seek new and more convenient goods as a specialized manufacturer of various types of printers, such as care label printers and label printers, and we express our ideas on printer development and manufacturing.

Technological and Development Capabilities

A pioneer that continues to pursue “Can’t it become even more convenient?”

The specialist manufacturer Chuwa Co., Ltd. has grappled with label printers and care label printers and has continuously taken up the challenge of new possibilities in printers as a pioneer to be the first in the industry. We have a history of creating value sought in each period, such as the development of thermal transfer method label printers when movable type method printers were the mainstream and, furthermore, the development of laundry name labels currently widely used in the apparel sector.
While this pioneering spirit is our foundation, we question whether there are new goods and more convenient goods such as “Won’t this become more convenient?” As a manufacturer whose strengths are prescience and a pioneering spirit, currently, not only our printers for the apparel sector which are our flagship products, we are moving forward with the manufacture of products that meet the needs of various sectors.
Although there are many niche needs for printers used for special purposes, in these niche sectors indeed there are large areas that we can look forward to, and we can solve any issues of customers in the future as well with Chuwa’s pioneering spirit, and we seek “even more convenient goods.”

History (pioneer) and Track Record

Founded in 1978, the long company history is an accumulation of trust and results

Already counting the 45 years since its establishment in 1978, Chuwa Co., Ltd. has become a company with a tradition of long standing as a manufacturer of the label printer and care label printers. Our continuing business as a specialist manufacturer spanning such a long period is the result of being selected by our many customers, for which we are grateful.
We conscientiously address head on the wishes of our customers, such as “we would like to make something like this” or “we want something like this.” Although the work of making these take form is not flashy work, we have carved out a long history of doing so based on our accumulated track record. Thanks to our existing customers we are now receiving many requests based on word of mouth referrals and introductions, and we feel this one manifestation of achievement with respect to our insistence to improve the satisfaction of customers.
Making the most of the know-how and technologies garnered up to now, we continue our efforts as a specialist manufacturer earnestly addresses the desires of our customers. Please continue to look forward to Chuwa Co., Ltd.


Finely tuned responses to the needs of our customers with our technological capabilities.

Within our technological capabilities, we can cite as the strengths of Chuwa Co., Ltd. our abilities to coordinate, etc. equipment that can be used as is by customers and flexible highly customized equipment. When both types of customers come to use our printers, this is the result of our seeking “even more convenience.”
These technologies are highly regarded by our customers, and this strength of Chuwa has become one of our assets. We are reliably continuing to employ these technologies and are constantly improving quality and technological capabilities without establishing a goal that “this is sufficient.”