Listed below are the frequently asked questions from the numerous inquiries we have received.

About the Product

-Are LAN connections are available? Can I use it by connecting to the network?

We plan to add a LAN connectivity function as an option for Jupiter712 TypeE and JP-X TypeE. It is not possible to add a LAN connectivity function for the Vega series, so it is necessary to install a server and create an environment. At that time, the output will be provided by the printer driver and not the Chuwa dedicated software.

-About how long is the machine life?

It depends on the frequency of use and the conditions of use. As rule of thumb, it has durability for more than 5 years (except consumables such as heads and controllers).

-What is the warranty period?

The warranty period is 6 months. (The print head is outside the scope warranty)

-Can the printer be used even though “head error” an error message is displayed?

When printing a barcode, it may be necessary to replace the head as we cannot guarantee that it can be read. When not printing a barcode, you can continue to use the head as is, but we recommend early replacement as we cannot guarantee print quality.

-What is the price?

Contact us from our contact page so we can provide you with a quote.

-How many sheets per hour can be printed?

About 3,000 to 3,500, 10cm long laundry name labels with the Vega series.
About 2,000 to 3,000, 10cm long tags with the Jupiter712. About 3,000 to 3,500, 10cm long tags with the JP-X.
The above noted are an approximation depending on the material and paper shape.

-We would like to have you deliver to us a special purpose machine for our company, so can we discuss the matter with you?

Yes, we will be happy discuss the matter with you. We recommend customizing the perfect machine for your company.

-After printing, the typeface is damaged.

When there is no surface finishing (coating), such as press coat and PP, etc., on the typeface of the print paper, there are cases when the paper will be damaged due to the scraping of the edges of the paper together and holes in edges at the time of the paper feed.
As a stop-gap measure, please stop using the printer “weight” and moreover, when damaged, please reduce the paper load and print.
At the time of printing, paper on which ink has peeled off from the printing surface may, when attaching to the product, there is a risk that the ink will be transferred to the product itself. Also from the sense of avoiding these risks, it is necessary for you to use paper that is coated on the typeface.

-During printing, there is an abnormal noise in the vicinity of the head, and the printing becomes partially light.

Belts or gears gradually become worn with long-term use. As a result, there may be occasions when there is a negative impact on printing such as the unstable operations of the printing head, the interval gears will no longer normally engage and the improper winding up of the ribbon due to gear skip. As it is the subject of repairs (replacement of head or gear, etc.,), please contact your sales representative.

-After printing, the tape becomes jammed in the vicinity of the cutter.

There are cases when this kind of problem is due to tape differences (lot differences, etc.). Also, as, when the printing pressure is strong, there are cases when the tape is curved, please turn the pressure dial counter-clockwise and lower the pressure. Turn the dial a little at a time, and while confirming that the printing does not become too light, adjust to a place where the tape does not jam. Please contact your sales representative as the machine may be subject of repairs when the problem cannot be resolved.

-When printing large letters, the item cannot clearly be printed.

There are cases when printing larger letters, such as capitals, and when printing items with a lot of solid black patterns, you may feel that the solid portion is rippling. At that time, the problem will be resolved when slowing the printer’s printing speed. Having referred to the appended user’s manual, please select the optimal print speed in the “printing settings” -> “printing speed.”

-After replacing the ribbon, the ribbon tears during printing.

There is a possibility that a mistake was made in the process of installing the ribbon immediately after replacement. Please refer to the route diagram on the inside of the printer cover and the user’s manual and reinstall.
When this is not the case, note that there are times when the value of darkness setting of the printing is too dark, so please adjust while looking at the printing results. Concerning the adjustment method, please refer to the user’s manual or contact your sales representative.

-You can connect via the USB.

You can connect via the USB2.0. On the PC you use, you will need at least two free ports for the ending software and the printer connection USB.

About the software

-Can the printing data be imported? What is the type of data?

Each editing software imports Excel and CSV data and continuous printing are possible. Some types of data a partially unsupported.

-What types of barcodes? Can 2D barcode be printed?

In addition to 1-D JAN (EAN), UPC, ITF, CODE39, CODABAR (NW7,) CODE128, interleaved 2 of 5, it is also possible to create 2-D QR code and PDF417. Please refer to the features of each software.
Wings catalogCentury catalog

-Is direct printing from Excel possible?

Yes, it is possible. However, as we cannot guarantee that the barcode will be readable and as it will be necessary to verify the readability, please read out having confirmed this question at your company.

-Can Windows Vista and Windows 7 be used?

Operating on Windows Vista has not been confirmed. Please contact us for more information as operating on Windows 7 is partially supported depending on the conditions. Currently, use on Windows XP is the safest.

-Please tell us the meaning of (B) and (C) in CODE128.

(B) is a special barcode changes to barcode upper case characters and lower case characters on standard alphanumeric character keyboard and (C) is composed of numbers from 00 – 99 out of 100 and a special code that can be converted into a barcode. Even though it is the same barcode, this needs to be confirmed as the displayed data differs depending on (B) or (C). Click here for detailed description of CODE128.

-I would like to display human characters with CODE128. (Wings)

Although it is not possible to simultaneously human characters in CODE128, the display of human characters is possible by separately creating a character string. At that time, as it can be set to have the input data reflected simultaneously with human characters and CODE128 per 1 input using the allocation function, please contact the Company concerning the method of use of the allocation function.

-The image is not displayed. (Century)

This is the “bitmap data” with the .bmp extension of data that can be displayed in the image. The file format of the bitmap you want to display must be black and white bitmap. There are other cases when other formats cannot be displayed. With respect to the data conversion method, temporarily open the data with imaging software, such as “Paint” which is an accessory of Windows, and, when saving, please save after designating “black and white bitmap.”

-The image is reversed black and white and displayed. (Wings)

With respect to the bitmap data edited and created by Photoshop, the black and white are reversed and displayed.
In this case, boot “Paint” that is an accessory of Windows and open the relevant file and, if you save a new in the black and white bitmap, it will normally be displayed. Also, as we have prepared a correction file of Wings that ameliorates this problem.

-Can print data, etc. be backed up?

Backing up data is provided as a function of the control software. Wings use the “copy data” and Century uses “data copy.” It is also possible to prevent data loss by regularly backing up the data in HDD.

-After installing security software, the output is no longer possible. (Wings)

You must remove the Wings and Century from security software protection.
With respect to the project cancellation method, please refer to the operating manual for each security software.

About supply products

-How is the width of the laundry tape determined?

Generally, 30 mm-32 mm is the standard width. We provide various widths from 13 mm.

-How many degrees is the heat resistant temperature of the ribbon?

The heat resistant temperature is 120℃ in the case of Jupiter712, MJT type JP-X Ribbon (carbon), and 180℃ in the case of JPT and WPT types. Please select the one that matches your use.

-Although we printed tape received from our customer, overall it has become lighter.

Please always use genuine tape and ink ribbon on our company’s printers. When you use other companies’ tape and ribbons, this will not be subject to support, and we cannot guarantee printing precision. Please note that it may not be able to deal with malfunctions seen to be caused by other companies’ consumables.

About support and maintenance contracts

-Do you provide maintenance services? Do you provide hardware and software support?

It is possible to receive maintenance services by concluding a maintenance contract. The maintenance contract is only applicable to hardware. With respect to software, we continuously provide updated files regardless of whether there is a contract.


-Static electricity is severe, so what should we do?

Please feel free to contact us as we as we provide static eliminators.

-The printing washes out at piece dying, so what should we do?

We can provide you with ink ribbons and laundry tape that deal with piece dying. As the specifications differ depending on the customer, so please provide us with a sample and do a trial run.

-Please tell us about pictorial displays.

The incorporated foundation as the inspection organization of the laundry tape is the Boken Quality Evaluation Institute. Also, please refer to Consumer Affairs Agency website concerning the Household Goods Quality Labeling Act.

-I would like to start up a factory, but do you provide guidance?

We will be pleased to provide guidance concerning printing operational procedures and environment. We have staff with a wealth of experience who attentively provide support.

-I’m having difficulty with paper that has a lot of paper dust. Please let us know how to deal with this.

There are cases when there is a lot of paper dust such as when the paper coating will peel off and become dust and when using recycled paper and paper fibers are short, etc. As there are cases when spray powder in the printing process and punching process as well has a negative impact on printing, you can prevent that from blowing away paper dust on the papers before printing process.
Blow away paper dust accumulated on the printer after printing with an air duster and clean daily with a cleaning solution.
If you cannot resolve this by cleaning, fundamental counter-measures will be required, such as changing the paper.
Please contact your sales representative as we provide parts that remove paper dust sticks that easily adhere to the conveyor belt on JP-X.

-How short can we make the height of the barcode?

Up to 6.35 mm is possible.
The AIM (Automatic Identification Manufacturers International Auto) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) have established the height of the barcode will be the greater of either 0.25 inches (6.35 mm) or 15% barcode symbol length. Furthermore, at the time of reading non-contact transportation packages, it is prescribed that there will be the greater of either a minimum symbol height 0.8 inches (20.3 mm) or 25% symbol length.
Other than the above noted, the item is a non-standard size and the barcode shape (with whiskers) extending the right and left guide bar and the center bar is also the shortest bar must be the above-noted size.