Product Information

  • Tag Printer

    Single sheet printers that can handle RFID tags, tags with thread and non-standard round shapes.

  • Care Label Printers

    Laundry name printers that achieve high speed, high definition and 3 color simultaneous printing.

  • Peripheral Equipment

    Ultrasonic cutters, etc. that are able to eliminate tape cutting fray.

  • Supplies

    We offer consumables such as ink ribbons and tape.

  • Software

    CMM-printer label dedicated editing software that supports business.

  • Other Products

    We introduce other products handled by our company.

Reasons for selecting Chuwa

Technological and Development Capabilities

Starting with thermal transfer method Label Printer, our technologies have an established reputation such as the development of laundry name labels that combine the thermal transfer method and movable type two-sided thermal transfer method name printers.

History (pioneer) and Track Record

In 1998, we developed a two-sided thermal transfer method name printer (Vega series first model) that has now become mainstream in the industry, and we will continue to lead the industry as a pioneer.


Chuwa Co., Ltd. continues to pursue high-definition, high-speed printing in label printers and name printers and is committed to customer satisfaction.